The Red Lion Inn !

  • * you walk up to a 2 story building in the middle of the savannah and on the front is a sighn shaped like a Lion which says " The Red Lion Inn". You walk inside through a door to find a room with a bar, couches, chairs and tables, fireplace, and anything else you could imagine. Behind the bar is every known food and drink known to man and Lion.*

    For those who don't know what an Inn is. This is a place to come into and chill and chat while interacting with you're enviorment and others , Etc. Have fun !!

    * white Lion pulls out a bottle of sprite and sits back on a couch. waiting for someone else to come in to talk to.*

  • Yay! First post! *does a "first post" dance*

    Ooh. 8) Nice digs. *sprawls onto the couch next to White Lion**nuzzles him in greeting* Hi, Lion. How are you?

  • * nuzles Luna*

    good, though we canceled D&D today :( So i decided to start work on my next charachter. I'm gona play an awakend Lion and I'm taking monk as my class ! Imagine a Lion with +5 magical claws, pluss imagine the looks of the town guards when a lion comes up to them and says hello in english :).

    And also it didn't rain here for once though i heard that we got another huricane comming our way.

    so how'd you're day go ?

  • *sighs* I've had better. My current romance is over as far as I'm concerned. So, yeah, I've definitely had better days.
    Another hurricane? I'm glad I live inland.

    I just came in to check this place out and to say hi to you, Lion. It's quite late where I live and I need to get some sleep. See you tomorrow, I hope. *nuzzles*

  • *pads in, surveys the scene*

    Alright guys! *waves* Never noticed this place before!

    *ambles over to the bar and plonks herself on a stool, orders a beer and waits patiently for it to arrive*

  • * comes out of a back door and slides a beer in a glass of ice down in front of reepacheap*

    * sits down in a stool across from him and pulls out a bottle of Bicardi *

    so how you doing ? having a good day I hope.....

    I'm just sitting around watching stargate SG-1 and listning to the rain and lightning outside.

  • *strolls in*
    Wow. It's empty in here tonight.
    What, does everyone get a drink and then leave? That's weird. You'd think they'd hang around and shoot the breeze for at least a little while.
    Oh well.
    *takes a seat on on of the sofas*

  • * walks over with a bowl of fruit and a bottle of vodka and sits next to Luna*

    yep pretty dead in hear. Not like the DDI........people useualy come in and log on and stay a few hours making post after post. Me and Niere have gone through 8 pages in a hour before when she was on call one night at the hospital.

    so how did work go ?

  • *gets some orange juice and makes a screwdriver*
    Work was boring today.
    I thought that last hour would never get over with. :P
    *wonders if anyone else will come in to say "hi"*
    *takes a drink of her screwdriver*

  • * takes a syringe and injects vodka into an oarnge, pulls out his boot knife and starts to eat the oarnge*

    yeah, it's really quiet in here.

    My day went bad. My manager is out for a while and we got a new one in watching our area and i about ripped his throat out today.

  • *winces at the "throat ripping" idea*
    Yikes. Yeah I hate "breaking in" new management. They only think they know how things are supposed to work.
    *takes a drink of her screwdriver*

  • Yeah but better then my other job.Being shot at isn't fun :(. But then again I can shoot back at them.........

    * finishes his oarnge and pulls out a few grapes*

  • *swipes the grapes and begins tosses one toward WL's mouth, intending for him to catch it, except he was unaware of her intent and it bounces off of the side of his forehead*

    :lol: Oops. Sorry. You were supposed to catch that. *giggles*

  • *teasing, she wrinkles her nose* Eeew. You ate that off the floor? :lol:
    *Luna rises to dance with WL*

  • * holds luna and starts dancing around singing in gaelic *

    * stops and put's his green cloak on luna and put's a flower and a few twigs and a feather in her hair*

    " there ya' go you look like a Druid now.........."

    * continues to sing and dance*

  • *strolls in*
    Anybody home?

    *waits for a reply*

    *no replies come* I guess nobody is home today. *shrugs* Oh well. I'll check back later today.

  • *enters the inn and walks over to the bar to get a dottle of vodka then walks over and plops down on a hammock making shure his claws dosent tear through it*

    ahh, home at last

    * takes a shot*

  • *returns*
    Hey! *smiles*There is someone in here tonight. Cool. How's it going, Lion?
    *leaps onto a couch and settles in* :]

  • good though i'm fixing to have to go to bed :( I hate having to work early in the morning. Plus I won't be back online or at home until sunday night, I have to fly.........hopefuly some redneck with a shotgun who robbed a conveniance store won't shoot at me this time. Though a shotgun really couldn't hurt my's just annoying hearing the pellets pinging into the side and bottom of the chopper.

    so how has you're day been going ?

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